Officials Continue Search for Lost Solo Hiker in the Trinity Alps

Photo of lost hiker Daniel Komins

During the late evening of August 14, 2019, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received information that a backpacker, identified as 34 year old Daniel Komins, had failed to return from a five day solo trip in the Trinity Alps.

Komins had started hiking near the Canyon Creek trail system on August 10, 2019. Komins contacted his girlfriend by telephone on August 11, 2019, and informed her that the trip was going as planned.

Komins was due to return to his residence during the late evening of August 14, 2019. When Komins failed to arrive at his residence, his girlfriend contacted the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office and reported him missing.

During the evening of August 14, 2019, Komins’ vehicle was located near a Trinity County trailhead. The vehicle was unoccupied.

A Search and Rescue effort began at daylight on August 15, 2019, and continues at this time, as Komins has yet to be located. The Search and Rescue effort includes: Ground teams, vehicle teams (all terrain) as well as helicopter teams.

Komins is an experienced hiker and an Emergency Medical Technician. He has with him a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker, which is not presently operating appropriately. Komins also has with him his cellular telephone, which has seen no activity since August 11, 2019.

Search and Rescue efforts will continue until such a time as Komins is located. Once additional information is obtained, supplemental press releases shall be issued.

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