Photo Shows a Large Mass of Truckee River Rafters Not Practicing Proper Social Distancing

While the Covid-19 quarantine continues throughout California, residents are heading into the great outdoors to get out of the house and safely practice social distancing. One of the perfect activities is rafting, which can bring people within a household onto a raft and floating through the beautiful wilderness. Unfortunately, not all the people rafting in Northern California have practiced proper social distancing.

A photo emerged on social media showing large swaths of people crowded together along the Truckee River near Tahoe City. This is exactly the opposite way to practice proper social distancing:

The photo shows approximately 100 people gathering on the shores of the Truckee River with their rafts, closely huddled and socializing in the beauty of the Tahoe area. No masks are seen in the photo and people are not staying 6 feet apart. It is a lesson on how to NOT properly practice social distancing in the outdoors.

While local residents remain upset that businesses had to once again shut down, and the number of Coronavirus cases in Tahoe have spiked, it’s become clear that some people don’t take the severity of the situation into thought while venturing outside.

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