Photos Show Why the PG&E Power Shutdowns in NorCal were a Necessary Evil

Last week’s PG&E power shutdowns sparked outrage in Northern California as nearly 800,000 residents lost power for up to three days in the midst of extreme fire weather. The complaints were warranted with PG&E customers having to deal with the pitfalls of entire communities without power for days on end.

It’s understandable to be upset, but new photos show why PG&E was forced to enact the shutdowns in the midst of some of the worst fire weather we’ve seen this year.

Images of tree limbs hanging on power lines were shared to the Facebook page PG&E Wives IBEW 1245 Brothers & Sisters, and they are a true indicator of how 70 mph winds can cause wildfires:

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone agrees that these power shutdowns aren’t a long-term solution, but they may have halted deadly and devastating wildfires in Northern California communities. The photos shown are the exact same reason many deadly wildfires were sparked over the past three years, and we’re happy that we avoided them this time around.

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