Popular McCloud Falls Campground Closed Due to Bear Activity

Officials in the Shasta Trinity National Forest have temporarily closed the popular campground near McCloud Falls due to an assertive black bear that continues to roam the campground.

Fowler’s Campground is a popular destination during the summer months due to its close proximity to the three tiers of McCloud Falls, providing excellent swimming, fishing and hiking opportunities. Forest Service workers have not been able to deter a pesky bear stealing food around the area, so they will instead close the campground and do a “deep clean” on the area in hopes of removing remnants of food smells, all trash, etc. to eradicate the temptations that kept the bear coming around.

Help take proper steps to minimize bear encounters by doing the following:

  • Keep a clean campsite by properly disposing of food scraps and garbage at ALL times.
  • Never leave food or coolers unattended OR out in the open (i.e. on picnic tables).
  • Do not leave dog food out ever.
  • Store food and garbage inside a vehicle or camper trailer at all times.
  • Never store food or any smelly products inside your tent.

More information on recreating in bear country is available at https://wildlife.ca.gov/Keep-Me-Wild/Bear

See what it’s like to hike the waterfalls of McCloud:

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