Potentially Record-Breaking Heatwave Brings Dangerous Fire Weather to Northern California

The past week has seen moderate weather conditions throughout Northern California, giving residents a reprieve from the heat and firefighters some hope while fighting California’s historic wildfires. That will all change this weekend as a potentially record-breaking heatwave is expected along the west coast, bringing dangerous fire conditions to NorCal.

Weather forecasts are predicting summer-like heat and breezy conditions throughout the area Saturday through Monday, creating elevated fire conditions which will stoke existing fires and be conducive to start new ones. The National Weather Service has announced a Fire Weather Watch over the weekend, asking residents to refrain from doing anything in the outdoors that could start a new wildfire.

In anticipation of the weather event, PG&E has alerted some customers in NorCal that it may begin shutting off power in areas vulnerable to a wildfire event. The areas impacted are expected to be those along the Sierra, especially in Butte, Plumas and Yuba counties. On Thursday, residents in Butte County received an alert of the potential power shutoff. You can view the PG&E outage map here.

By Sunday, temperatures are expected to return to triple digits in the valley, looking much more like summer than fall.

Weather models are currently predicting that temperature records could be broken over Sunday through Monday:

In order to help prevent wildfires in the region, CalFire suggests to mow your lawn before 10 am, don’t drive your car on dry grass and don’t start any illegal campfires in the outdoors.

Stay safe, NorCal.

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