Rare Videos Show the Lassen Pack in Action in Northern California

California’s only known wolf pack, the Lassen Pack, more than doubled in size in 2020 with a brand-new litter of eight pups. As the size of the pack continues to grow, so have local sightings in and around Lassen County.

The Lassen Pack  is the descendant of famed OR-7, a wolf that famously traveled from Oregon into Northern California in 2011, becoming the first known wolf in the state in nearly 100 years.  The pack was first confirmed in Northern California in 2017 and the alpha female has had three litter of pups with two males since. The most recent count puts the pack at 10 total adult and pup wolves.

As the Lassen Pack has grown on the eastern edge of NorCal, locals around Lassen County have had numerous sightings in the past couple of years. A gallery on lassenpack.com has various videos of the wolves in action, and it gives a rare glimpse into the behavior of California’s only wolf pack.

Here are some of the videos highlighted on the website:

To see more photos and videos of the Lassen Pack in action, go here.

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