Ray of Hope? Light Showers are Expected Across Northern California Today

As the historic wildfires continue to blaze across millions of acres in Northern California, residents have been hoping that Mother Nature will help us out in the form of precipitation. That hope might begin coming to fruition today as light rain is now expected throughout the region.

The National Weather Service shared a model showing showers emerging over the Sierra today, specifically in the areas surrounding Yosemite and Tahoe, which are surrounded by wildfire. Later in the day, the light rain is expected along the coast and in Shasta County. Here’s the radar:

While the storms are certainly small and won’t do enough to help firefighters extinguish the historic fires burning across the area, this could be a ray of hope for an early winter in NorCal. While this fire season is already unprecedented, history tells us that the most dangerous times of wildfire season are October and November. A little rain could go a long way right now.

So put on your rain dancing shoes and let’s hope for a downpour, NorCal!

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