Redwood Driver Shocks TikTok with Damaging Act at Beloved Monument

A recent incident involving a driver in the Northern California redwoods has sparked outrage among TikTokers as they witnessed the damaging of a cherished monument.

Located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the Shrine Drive Thru Tree stands as an iconic redwood tree, drawing tourists and nearby residents alike. The tree’s history is fascinating; it was originally hollowed out by a fire over a century ago and later widened to accommodate horse-drawn carts and cars, allowing them to pass through its living trunk.

Navigating through the tree’s 7-foot-wide opening requires careful precision from drivers to avoid scraping the sides of their vehicles or harming the tree itself. This driver was not so successful.

A video shared by TikToker @oclaguna999 featured a driver attempting to maneuver a silver Nissan SUV through the tree’s gap. Unfortunately, the driver misjudged the maneuver, leading to a collision that produced an audible cracking sound. Despite the apparent damage, the driver was seen clapping in apparent celebration after finally passing through.

Watch the video:

@oclaguna999 #redwoodforest #avenueofthegiants This was today! that sucks! #fyp ? original sound – MsOC

The incident has left many viewers dismayed and saddened by the disregard for nature. California’s coastal redwoods, among the tallest trees globally, are invaluable, with some trees in the region being centuries or even millennia old. These ancient trees are irreplaceable, and potential damage could have devastating consequences.

Commenters expressed their deep disappointment with the video, lamenting the lack of appreciation for nature. Many voiced concerns about the preciousness of these giants and urged people to take the time to experience their majesty up close by walking around them rather than driving through.

As visitors to the redwoods, we are stewards of these natural wonders, and it is crucial to treat them with respect and care. The actions we take today can impact the future of these majestic trees and the ecosystems they support. Let us be mindful of the beauty and significance of these ancient giants and strive to protect them for generations to come.

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