See the Best Photos of the Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse Over Northern California

Joel Tonyan/Flickr

It was the celestial event of the year when a beautiful supermoon and lunar eclipse filled the sky in late May. The event marveled onlookers who stayed up late and some incredible photos circulated online following the event. It was certainly a night to remember in Northern California.

So what exactly is a super blood moon and lunar eclipse?

A “blood moon” is the term to reference when the Earth casts a shadow on the moon, causing it to reflect a reddish color. It’s similar to the phenomenon of a sunrise or sunset, where the shadows darken the color of the sun. A “supermoon” refers to the phenomenon when the moon appears larger because the full or new moon happens at the same time the moon passes closest to Earth in its orbit.

As with any celestial event, some of the best photographers in NorCal were able to capture the night sky in beautifully unique ways. Here are some of the best photos of the super blood moon in NorCal:

Active NorCal

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