Series of Storms Could Bring 100 Inches of Snow to NorCal Mountains

It’s happening! Sound the alarm! The epic storm of 2021 is on its way!

It’s been two weeks since significant precipitation was seen in Northern California, but that’s all changing this week with a historic series of storms that could bring 100 inches of snow in just a week. The forecasts and models are still being analyzed by meteorologists but they all have one current consensus – NorCal is going to see a ton of snow.

The storms began on Friday afternoon, bringing new snowfall to the Sierra and forcing a closure of Interstate 80 due to spinouts. As of Saturday morning, Tahoe ski resorts had already reported up to 10 inches of snow. That’s already more than what was forecast.

The second storm will hit on Sunday-Monday, a little bit stronger than its predecessor. This storm should bring another foot or two of snow to high elevation areas.

The NorCal mountains will be sitting pretty by Tuesday morning, and that’s where the fun starts. The third storm, set for Wednesday-Thursday, could see up to 60 inches of snow. All in all, the maximum snowfall could reach 100 inches by Friday.

As meteorologists scramble to analyze the data, it’s become clear that the third storm will lay a strong foundation of snow on the entire region, from Mount Shasta to Lassen to Tahoe and the Easter Sierra. One model even showed 365 inches through 10 days in the Eastern Sierra, also predicting Tahoe and Lassen to surpass 80 inches.

Keep snow dancing, NorCal! Our winter wonderland has arrived!

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