Severe Winds Could Reach 70 MPH in Northern California Today

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Northern California is on high alert as the National Weather Service in Sacramento announces a “severe” high wind warning across the region, encompassing the Sacramento Valley, Northern San Joaquin Valley, and Northeast Foothills. The warning, expected to kick in early Sunday morning and extend through early Monday, forecasts a period of intense winds that could significantly impact the area.

Meteorologists predict wind speeds of 25 to 45 miles per hour, with gusts potentially reaching up to 70 mph, particularly from Sunday mid-morning to evening. The combination of strong winds and heavy rain raises concerns about fallen trees and widespread power outages.

Residents are urged to exercise caution, particularly around trees and branches, and to avoid forested areas where the risk of falling debris is high. The National Weather Service advises staying indoors, preferably in lower levels away from windows, and to proceed with caution when driving.

Additionally, the Sierra region is under a winter storm warning, with up to 6 feet of snowfall expected below 5,500 feet from Saturday night to Monday night. The snow, falling at rates of up to two inches per hour, is likely to make travel “difficult to impossible,” adding another layer of challenge for residents and travelers alike.

Be safe out there, NorCal!

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