Shocking Photos Show Mountain Lions Decapitated by Trains in Northern California

For anyone who’s hiked along railroad tracks, finding animals hit by trains is actually quite common. In even the most remote wilderness areas, for some reason, wildlife have difficulty avoiding loud trains rolling through the area.

It’s curious why these animals, who are so adept at avoiding humans, can’t seem to avoid these trains. Photos posted to social media show that it may happen more than we think, and the results are shocking. Since the photos are a bit disturbing, we have put them at the end of this article.

Posted by Seth Watts on Instagram (@black_bear_pursuit), the photos show the aftermath of mountain lions decapitated by trains.

“This picture sent to me by a guy who works for the railroad,” wrote Watts on Instagram. “He says animals being hit by a train is very common here in California. From Deer to Bears and even Cougars getting hit by the Trains. I’m guessing they get blinded by the bright lights and confused.”

For Watts, a person who is constantly tracking wildlife, it’s a bit confusing why the cougars have trouble avoiding the trains.

“I curious to know if States have or do studies on the number of animals that are killed by trains and what species. Anyone know? The last animal I’d have guessed to be getting hit by trains probably would have been a Cougar. I can see it happening with Bears and Deer and Elk but these Cats I’m a bit surprised.”

Below are the photos of the animals. Have you seen an animal that was hit by a train in NorCal? Let us know in the comments.

Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California


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