Mt. Shasta Ski Park Pushes Forward with New Lift to the Top of Gray Butte

For anyone who frequents Mt. Shasta Ski Park, looking up at Gray Butte just south of the current lifts is a blissful experience. The beautiful, mostly untouched peak at 8,129 feet elevation looks like a snowy dream of powder and views. Now, the ski park is pushing forward with a plan to build a chairlift to the top.

We’ve asked management at the resort for years about their future plans for the peak. They’ve mostly been hush on the subject, although it’s no secret that locals have dreamed of regularly skiing Gray Butte for decades. The proposed fixed quad lift will open 88 acres of skiable terrain, add five new runs, increase the resort’s elevation to 7,500 feet and create a 3-mile long run from top to bottom. In other words, it’s a game changer.

With the resort located in the national forest, the bureaucratic hurdles to jump will be big. That’s why the resort is asking the public to help push the project through.

“The rumors are true! We are working on a new lift!” the resort announced the public. “The Gray Butte Lift will service a much higher elevation, epic terrain, and access to our backcountry area.”

The public can help push this project through by reaching out to the planning commission at to show support for the lift. You can also show support by showing up in person to the planning commission meeting on April 20th, at 9 am at the Board of Supervisors Chamber.

Show your support for this project and open up epic new terrain at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park!

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