“Significant Weather Advisory” Issued in Shasta County

The rare mid-May storm that is currently slamming Northern California has peaked in Shasta County, with the National Weather Service issuing a “Significant Weather Advisory” for certain areas within the county.

On top of multiple inches of rain hitting the area in just 24 hours, the NWS is now predicting heavy rain, pea size hail and winds exceeding 30 MPH in the areas of Anderson and west of Redding:

“A thunderstorms to the south of Redding is capable of winds in excess of 30 mph, pea size hail and heavy rain. Take shelter if near this storm,” the NWS said on Twitter.

Although this seems to be the peak of the storm, the area has already seen its share of heavy rain in the past 48 hours. Some parts of Shasta County near Shasta Lake saw over 3 inches of rain over a 24 hour span:

This storm is expected to finish on Friday, but there’s much more where that came from. Heavy precipitation is in the forecast for most of next week:

The upcoming storm is also expected to bring up to 30 inches of snow to Lassen:

Now that’s some weird May weather! Stay dry out there!

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