Spectacular Alien Sunrise Lenticular Cloud Appears Over Mount Shasta

This morning saw another beautiful lenticular cloud over Mount Shasta. This one, with the sunrise beaming under the cloud like a light bulb under a lamp shade, was a unique experience for anyone lucky enough to see it in person.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Mount Shasta is well-known to marvel onlookers with a lenticular cloud show every now and again, and seeing the beautiful sight never gets old. Many times a group of lenticular clouds will gather around the mountain, which is stunning in its own right, but this morning we witnessed a big, multi-faceted lenticular at sunrise that, quite frankly, looked like an alien UFO. We like to call it an Alien Sunrise.

Here are some of the photos seen around the interwebs of the incredible lenticular event this morning:

We’ll continue to add more photos as they are posted online!

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