Storm Warning: Snow, Hail, Thunderstorms and 70+ MPH Winds Forecast for NorCal

Photo by Stephen Leonardi

The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory and Winter Storm Warning throughout Northern California for Sunday through Tuesday as thunderstorms across the area are expected to bring heavy rainfall, high-elevation snow, hail and gusts reaching over 70 MPH.

The widespread rain will begin Sunday morning and last through Tuesday, with some areas receiving up to 3 inches over the 48 hour span:

What separates this storm from a usual NorCal downpour will be the howling wind, reaching 40 MPH in the valley in areas near Chico. A Wind Advisory has been issued by the NWS, cautioning everyone to stay indoors during the peak of the gusts:

The gusts are expected to peak over Mount Shasta on Sunday, which was recently reopened over 10,000 feet to the public. If this storm wasn’t already scaring you from heading out on the mountain, Sunday morning is expected to see winds of over 70 MPH:

Snow will also fall on high-elevation areas, specifically the areas around Mt. Shasta, Lassen and the Sierra. Snow accumulation could reach a foot by Tuesday, as travel delays and possible chain controls are expected in the mountains.

What’s the conclusion of all this? This isn’t your typical May storm. This will be a cold, vicious storm that’s not to be messed with. It’s best to stay indoors for the next couple of days.

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