Suicidal Gobbler? Turkey Flies into a Ukiah Power Line on Thanksgiving Causing Power Outages

As if turkeys didn’t have enough to stress about on Thanksgiving, this year a wild gobbler caused a power outage to Ukiah residents by flying into a power line.

The incident occurred just before 7 am last Thursday, ceasing power to approximately 62 people in the Mendocino County town. The outage only lasted about an hour, but two more outages have occurred in the days since with a group of about 60-70 turkeys roosting in the area.

This time of is common for turkeys to gather in the area, with outages due to turkeys flying into power lines happening frequently. These outages typically don’t last long, but can be frustrating for the residents impacted. PG&E has been considering different options to limit the outages due to turkey activity, including installing bird diverters or increasing the distance between each power line. The further separation of the lines could enable larger bird to pass through the area without coming in contact.

The holiday season can be hard for some people. But you’ve never experienced hardship like the turkey community on Thanksgiving. Maybe they need a emotional support animal?

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