Tahoe Bear Gets Trapped in Car, Proceeds to Demolish its Interior

There was another car burglary in Tahoe on June 5th and, like most other car burglaries in the area, the perpetrator was a bear.

Placer County sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene of a bear stuck in a car in the Tahoe area, where the bear had done significant damage to the vehicle. Eventually, the deputies were able to safely release the bear from the car, but the owner was left with a mess of ripped seats, urine and bear poop:

This is just another lesson of bear proofing EVERYTHING when you go into the Tahoe wilderness. Bears have become adept at opening car doors and will do anything, typically with a wake of destruction, to get their paws on some human food.

Lock your cars when parked in the Tahoe area AT ALL TIMES!

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