Tahoe Father Encouraging His 8-Year-Old Son to Flip on Skis is Your Feel-Good Video of the Week

There’s nothing quite like the bond between and father and his son. Simultaneously teaching and encouraging your son can be one of the great joys in life, and watching them succeed is a feeling unlike any others.

That’s why this clip by Tahoe outdoor athlete Brandon Beck encouraging his 8-year-old son to do his first backflip is such a feel-good video. Watch and listen to him encourage his son and then watch him accomplish the awesome feat:


Beck is one of our favorite adrenaline junkies in Northern California, known for his cliff jumping stunts featured in The Flow State documentary, his advanced skiing on the slopes of Tahoe, and his famed jump off Burney Falls. It’s only natural that he’s passing his passions onto his now 10-year-old son Carter, who he frequently features on his social media pages.

Not only is Cater becoming a great skier, he’s also one heck of a brave cliff jumper:

With Beck posting more videos on his social media accounts of his son Carter, he’s been met with negative comments about allowing his son to take on such “dangerous” challenges. Beck responded to these comments on his Instagram page.

“Some people have been putting some pretty negative comments on the videos I post of my son,” wrote Beck. “Carter is loved more by his family and friends than most kids could ever imagine. He has a thirst for life and isn’t afraid to accomplish his goals and live his life. Believe it or not I actually don’t let him do lots of dangerous things like play GTA and waste his life playing endless hours of video games.”

You have to give it to Beck for raising his son the way he wants, even in the face of negative internet trolls. We certainly support him for sharing his stoke with his son and bonding in ways that might be unfathomable to some. We think it’s pretty darn cool!

Keep bringing the stoke, Carter!

Watch our conversation with Beck on the Talking NorCal Podcast:

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