‘Tamarack’ the Burned Bear Cub Escapes Wildlife Facility, On the Loose in South Lake Tahoe

It was a touching story when wildlife officials rescued a 6-mont-old bear cub that was badly burned in the Tamarack Fire. The cub has spent the past week in care at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. On Tuesday, workers at the facility announced he had escaped and is on the loose in South Lake Tahoe.

Here is the statement from Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care:

The 6 month old Black Bear “Tamarack” has escaped his enclosure and managed to tunnel under an electric fence. He is not in immediate danger and is not a threat, but we need to locate him as soon as possible. We are asking anyone in the South Shore Lake Tahoe Area—in particular the areas of Black Bart, Heavenly Valley and Sierra Tract— to be on the lookout.

It is important that non-residents stay out of the area as he is scared of humans and contact will only make him hide or run. If you are a resident or know a resident in one of these areas please reach out and tell them to be on the lookout for a small brown bear cub of about 25 pounds. He might have bandages on his front paws.

We have set up a hotline to receive any location tips at (530) 577-2273. He is likely to be active in the evening and nighttime hours, so please slow down when driving and make sure your dogs are not unaccompanied. He is likely in a tree or hiding in a small space. If you see him do NOT approach him but keep visual contact and contact LTWC immediately at (530) 577-2273. We are using all community resources that are available. We need your help, hearts and eyes to locate him quickly so he can be returned to get the medical care he needs. Thank you!

The bear cub made headlines when he was found in Markleeville following the Tamarack Fire. He been badly burned on all four paws, making it difficult for the 21-pound male to walk. The wildlife workers were able to sedate the cub and bring him into their facility, where he received treatment for his injuries.

If you see him in the Tahoe region, be sure to contact any of the numbers above to return his safely to the facility.

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