The Best Sights and Scenes from Snowmageddon 2021 in Lake Tahoe

If you live in the Lake Tahoe area, you’re most likely reasonably adept at dealing with snow. Heck, that’s the reason most people move up there. But nothing can prepare you for 6 feet of snow in three days and that’s exactly what we witnessed this week during Snowmageddon 2021.

The snow began falling heavily on Tuesday night and continued through Friday morning, burying people under a unending layer of powder. Locals spent hours digging themselves out of their homes and their cars out of a white graveyard, just to get a chance to experience the rare scenes of this storm.

Sure, 6 feet of snow can be a nuisance for anyone who has to go on a grocery run or a dentist appointment. But for most people living in Tahoe, this is what dreams are made of – living in a literal snowglobe.

A storm of this size this hasn’t been seen for nearly 2 years in the region and we have the photos to prove it. Here are the best photos/videos of Snowmageddon 2021 in Tahoe:

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