The Flames of the Caldor Fire Can Now Be Seen from the Sierra-at-Tahoe Webcam

As the Caldor Fire continues its frightening path towards Lake Tahoe, hundreds of homes have burned and thousands of residents have evacuated the area. South Lake Tahoe remains on high alert with wildfire officials telling residents to prepare for evacuation in case of the worst case scenario.

Before the fire reaches the lake, it has to get through two beloved ski resorts – Sierra-at-Tahoe and Kirkwood Mountain Resort. Sadly enough, we were able to see the fire from the Sierra-at-Tahoe webcam today:

View from the Sierra-at-Tahoe webcam on Thursday, August 26

On top of that, webcam video showed firefighters taking the lift up at Kirkwood to fight the fire:

Due to heat mapping, we have an idea of how close the fire is getting the the ski resorts, but we’re not exactly sure what wildfire officials are currently doing to protect the millions of dollars of equipment and housing at each resort. The homes surrounding the resorts are closed, as is the surrounding national forest, as the flames keep moving in that direction:

Let’s hope that firefighters can help contain this fire away from our beloved Tahoe basin and the wonderful people who live in the area.

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