The Town of Truckee Asks People Not to Visit Right Now

It’s not every day you see a visitor’s bureau asking the public not to visit their town, but we are living in unprecedented times. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the famed mountain town of Truckee has emphasized that this isn’t the time to visit.

“Hello everyone, we wish to emphasize the message to our visitors, that now is not the time to visit Truckee and we will see you when happy days are here again,” the visitor’s bureau wrote on social media.

While the town currently sits as beautiful as its been all winter with a big coat of new snow, the Coronavirus outbreak has closed all the nearby ski resorts and hindered local businesses from their usual operations.

Truckee is one of the most beautiful towns on the planet and is one of the best places in NorCal to visit, during both the winter and summer months, but now’s just not the time to see it.

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    1. I suggest you be the first volunteer to go down to Reno to help out in the hospitals against this new, benign Chinese cold. You won’t need protective gear, obviously. Keep us posted.

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