This Interactive Map is the Best Way to Find Out What Areas are Affected by the PG&E Shutoff

The sweeping power shutoffs have begun to take hold in Northern California, with PG&E turning off power to some half a million people on Wednesday morning and that number is expected to grow to nearly 800,00 by days end. The shutdowns have left NorCal residents in a frantic state, wondering when and if their power will turn off.

As the power begins to turn off from the North Coast over to the Sierra Nevada mountains and back over to the Bay Area, it’s important to know which areas will be affected. PG&E’s website has seen issues with its new massive traffic numbers, making information hard to find. But as we scoured the internet for information, we found the best interactive map from the San Francisco Chronicle.

See the interactive map, where you can not only see the areas affected but also type in an exact location to find out its current and future status:

Are you being affected by the power shutoffs? Let us know how your coping in the comments.

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