THUNDER SNOW! See the Extreme Weather Conditions from Mammoth Mountain Last Night

As most people were sitting in their homes next to a warm heater of fire during the storm last night, Reed Trimmer Extreme Meteorologist was at Mammoth Mountain to see the extreme weather patterns happening at the ski resort around 9,000 feet.

Not only was the blizzard sending snow sideways into the face of the committed meteorologist, he also witnessed 7 close-range lightning strikes, even catching a few on camera. See the video from the crazy storm last night:

What a gem! Look, the storm was absolutely incredible last night, hitting the valley late evening and dumping on the mountains with lots of snow and high winds in the middle of the night. But the story here is the extreme meteorologist, who we have to thank for showing us the NorCal weather we don’t have the guts to go see for ourselves.

The storm’s going to last through Thursday, with much of the precipitation still on its way. Get ready for another day of madness!

P.S. Watching that video, didn’t you feel true elation for Reed Trimmer when he was SO STOKED to get the lightning on video. Cheers to doing what you love, Reed!

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