Truckee Teen Rescued Under 5 Feet of Snow After Dangerous ‘Roofalanche’

Truckee, California. Photo by Daniel Akre.

A 14-year-old Truckee boy was buried under a dangerous roof avalanche on Wednesday and following efforts from Truckee Fire, was rescued under 5 feet of snow.

The boy was playing in a snow cave outside his home in the Serene Lakes area when he was buried by the “roofalanche.” Nobody witnessed the event, but the parents noticed he was missing and alerted authorities.

Upon arrival, firefighters and paramedics suspected a roofalanche and quickly began probing the snow. They received a hit with the probe and began to dig. They found the boy at the bottom of five feet snow, lucky to be alive.


“We are extremely happy to share this successful rescue because often these don’t turn out as well,” said Truckee Fire in a statement. “Don’t let this or other winter hazards get you or your family this winter.”

Roofalanches can be a deadly affair in the snowy Sierra. During heavy snowfall events, officials recommend to stay away from the area where snow slides off the roof, especially metal roofs. The snow can come off very forcefully injuring, burying or even killing a person. Keep kids away from playing in these areas, use the buddy system and check on them frequently.

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