UC Davis Researchers May Have Made Cows Smell Less While Trying to Stop Global Warming

Mohandas Gandi once said “be the change you want to see in the world.” And if you want to see cows smell less while eliminating global warming, look no further than the hero researchers at UC Davis.

These researchers have claimed to have found a superfood that drastically decreases the massive amounts of methane gas that dairy cows belch out on a daily basis. By feeding these select cows seaweed with a touch of molasses in just 1 precent of their diet, the researchers have seen a 30 percent decrease in methane emissions.

Now, I never shy away from a methane joke, but in all seriousness, these methane emission reductions will drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being shot into the air in California. Scientists have found that 8 percent of greenhouse gases come from agriculture and our state is home to 1.2 million cows.

In other words, this isn’t a fight against harsh smells, but rather global warming. Watch this informational video from the San Francisco Chronicle:

That’s right, despite popular belief, these cows’ methane emissions are coming from belching, not, ahem, the other side. In fact, 95 percent of all these gases are coming out of the nose.

This is the first study of its kind conducted on dairy cows and the results are very promising. But it does beg the question, why didn’t we try this sooner?

I think at this point every human is aware that whatever they ingest will directly affect the way their “emissions” smell. I mean, I’m not proposing these cows shop at Whole Foods, but a healthier diet is usually a recipe for success when it comes to incessant belching.

Anyways, I am in full support of this research, which the full statistics of the study will be released later this summer. I had no idea that I would be such a proponent of cow diets, but now that I’m a little more educated, I fully support less-smelly cows. And of course an end to global warming. And not in any particular order.

Zach O'Brien

Zach O'Brien is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Active NorCal
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