VIDEO: Tourist Hops Barrier for Dangerous Pose at Yosemite’s Vernal Fall

A visit to Yosemite National Park usually promises awe-inspiring views and natural beauty, but one recent visitor showed exactly what you shouldn’t do at this famed outdoor destination.

A video posted on the TouronsOfNationalParks Instagram page captured a tourist climbing over a safety fence at Vernal Fall and posing perilously close to the cliff edge.

Maddie Hopkins, who filmed the scene, shared her disbelief, saying, “I lost brain cells witnessing this.” The footage shows the tourist crouching with their back to the 317-foot drop and even pretending to dive off the edge at one point.

The video has garnered significant attention and anxiety from Instagram users. One commented, “Gives me anxiety just looking at it,” while another added, “Oh that makes my stomach hurt watching this.” Another user remarked, “Anybody else thought he was gonna slip? My heart was beating fast.”

Yosemite National Park’s website notes that Vernal Fall, though not the highest in the park, poses serious dangers due to the rocks and fast-flowing water below. The tourist’s risky behavior not only endangered themselves but potentially damaged the cliff edge by eroding the rock structure.

Barriers and fences in national parks are crucial for protecting both visitors and the natural environment. Unfortunately, this incident at Vernal Fall is not an isolated case. Similar reckless behavior has been reported, with individuals scaling protective barriers for the sake of a photo.

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