Watch John Mayer Explore the Jedediah Smith Redwoods in Northern California

The Jedediah Smith Redwoods, sitting it the northwest corner of California, are one of the great hidden gems of the United States. With ancient redwoods towering over groves along a remote stretch of the North Coast, the area is not one that gets crowded very often. Popular singer John Mayer recently received a full tour and learned about the special nature of the Northern California coast.

In partnership with The Atlantic and Land Rover, Mayer headed up to Del Norte County and received a beautiful tour of the area, including exploring the redwoods with Jenny Hanson and fly fishing with local guide Jack Trout. He ended his trip taking in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

“We wanted to capture the experience of being outdoors, in a way that didn’t feel forced or scripted. In other words, get John Mayer in his favorite car and show him a good time in the wilderness,” says Jeremy Elias, executive creative director of Atlantic Re:think. “The trip has taken on new meaning in the months since we filmed, and so has the brand’s message of embracing the power and beauty of the great outdoors.”

The campaign also encourages readers to explore the outdoors by highlighting National Parks and State Parks across the country, commanding: “Close Your Computer. Turn Off Your Phone. Go Outside.”

While this is an obvious advertising campaign, you can’t deny the beautiful aesthetics of the short film and take in the beauty of the Northern California coast. While us NorCal locals know how gorgeous the redwoods are, sometimes its nice to see an outsider bask in their greatness.

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