WATCH: Mountain Lion Caught on Camera Wandering Around on Fort Bragg Porch

Wildlife officials say that there is a good chance that at least once in your life, a mountain lion has seen you but you weren’t aware of it. They are great at keeping a low profile among humans. But they can’t hide from our video cameras, which can show us their activity while we’re sound asleep.

Fort Bragg resident Kassi Evans was shocked to see a mountain lion wandering around on her porch camera Wednesday night, seemingly unscathed by human habitation. According to the video (above), the cat approached the porch at 3:31 am, likely not expecting anyone to be awake.

That didn’t make it any less scary for Evans to see it on camera.

“If I would have opened the door for whatever reason, I would have come face-to-face with it,” Evans told the Redheaded Blackbelt.

The area is known to be the home of mountain lions, but human-involved incidents are very rare. That being said, a house cat was taken by one earlier this month in nearby Caspar. It’s a lesson to be aware of your surroundings, even if there isn’t much harm posed to you.

How scared would you be if you saw this cat on your front porch?

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