Watch the Moment Golf Ball-Sized Hail Began Falling on Shasta Lake

With the many warnings from weather forecasters last week, we knew we were in for some inclement weather in Northern California over Memorial Day Weekend. But when a tornado warning hit Shasta County on Friday night and golf ball-sized hail began falling on the area, we knew we were in for an interesting night.

By now, everyone knows about the tornado-like supercell cloud that formed over the area, giving some of the most picturesque views ever seen in NorCal. If you haven’t seen the photos, go here.

But it was the giant hail falling from the sky that was actually a dangerous hazard for those in the storm. A video has surfaced of the moment the hail began falling on Shasta Lake, captured by people on a houseboat. Needless to say, they were shocked at what they were seeing:

Can you imagine hopping on a houseboat for Memorial Day and seeing this on your first night?! We still can’t get over just how crazy the storm was and how the winter of 2019 just won’t quit!

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