Watch this Poor Duck Get Sucked Into the Lake Berryessa Glory Hole

With water running high in Northern California, the Lake Berryessa glory hole overflowed, pumping water into the spillway tunnel that runs to the bottom of the Montecito Dam. It was the first time the glory hole has been used in over 2 years.

The high water flows are great for NorCal waterways, but bad news for an unsuspecting duck who got sucked into the spillway. A video was posted to a Solano County community Facebook group, showing a dim fate for the duck:

It’s impossible to know if the duck survived the ride down the spillway, but considering the water pressures and fast-moving water down the 18-story spillway, we can guess it wasn’t a fun ride. UPDATE: The duck survived!

In 1997, a woman got sucked down the 200-foot spillway, dying in the process.

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