We Guarantee this Mt. Shasta Timelapse will BLOW YOUR MIND!

The beauty of Mt. Shasta has been documented ad nauseam on this website. We won’t shy away from that. But when we continue to find amazing videos like the one below, how can we ignore it?

The video below was taken by Jason McMurry films, and this is what he had to say about the video:

A holy grail timelapse of Mt. Shasta captured April 2nd/3rd 2016. Located in Northern California, Mt. Shasta reaches a peak height of 14,179ft. Viewable from Klamath Falls, Oregon Mt. Shasta has quite the history revolving around tribal and even alien legends. For those that don’t know, a holy grail timelapse consists of a change from night to day or a combination of such.

Check out the video:

What an awesome video! If this motivates you, and you want to go to the top, you can summit Mt. Shasta. Or if you are freaked out, you can learn about the Strange Paranormal Encounters of Mt. Shasta.

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