We’re Back! Active NorCal Featured in National Geographic, Local Heroes and Top Stories | Talking NorCal

The Talking NorCal Podcast is back! In this episode, Zach and Bob discuss the National Geographic article on Northern California waterfalls, featuring Active NorCal (3:10). Then, they discuss the top news of the month including a tech billionaire losing $128 on a Tahoe cabin, the wolf that made the astounding trek to Yosemite, a brand-new Crappie record on Clear Lake, the E. Coli problem in Point Reyes, the 2021 Yosemite Firefall, a potential drought for California and skiing Half Dome (10:53). Finally, they highlight two heroes of Northern California during the pandemic (59:40).

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Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California

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