Whiskeytown NRA Advises Against Visiting the Park Due to Extremely Poor Air Quality

Smoky webcam view of the Lake

With the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area surrounded by nearby fires, including the Monument and Dixie fires, smoke has filled the air at an alarming rate. Due to the smoky skies, Whiskeytown officials are currently advising the public against recreating in the park.

“Due to area wildfires as well as wind direction pushing smoke onto Whiskeytown National Recreation Area overnight, visibility is currently only 100 meters and smoke is prevalent,” said park officials in a statement. “We recommend against recreating within the park at this time.”

They added that the smoke is so bad, you can’t see the lake from the Visitor Center. If you’ve ever been there, that’s truly astonishing. It’s probably best to stay inside during these extremely smoke days.

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