Whiskeytown’s “Out Of Control” Carr Fire Explodes Overnight to 20,000 Acres

We reported early this morning that the Carr Fire in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area had grown to 6,773 acres. Just a few hours later, CalFire reported that the flames had erupted overnight, growing to 20,000 acres with just 10 percent containment.

The fire is now quickly moving towards Old Shasta and the neighborhoods near Swasey Road and Iron Mountain. CHP Redding issued a terrifying tweet this morning, letting everyone know the imminent threat posed by the fire:

“The is in Old Shasta! If you live in West Redding start packing and be prepared! This fire is out of control!”

Chaos ensued quickly during the windy night. Fifty foot flames engulfed the Oak Bottom Marina, burning 40 boats and a building. Attempting to save the remaining boats in the marina, firefighters untied the boats and pushed them unoccupied into the middle of the lake.

Homes in the area have burned down, but due to the fast pace of the fire, it’s difficult to determine just how many. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered to the Old Shasta, French Gulch and Keswick communities, along with Swasey to Lower Springs, Lower Springs to 299, Victoria Dr and all roads coming off of Victoria. Highway 299 is closed throughout the entire Whiskeytown area from the base of Buckhorn Summit to Buenaventura Boulevard in Redding.

The Whiskeytown Visitors Center is currently safe. Here is the fire report from CalFire 

Story from earlier this morning:


The Carr Fire in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area has grown significantly in the last 24 hours, currently sitting at 6,773 acres and only 10 percent containment. Officials previously reported 24 percent containment, before correcting that figure once the situation became more clear.

The fire sits in the beautiful national park, and with high winds and dry heat, there are legitimate concerns that the fire could burn prominent national park monuments. The fire currently sits on the north side of the lake, on the other side of the lake from the visitors center and popular Brandy Creek Beach.


Highway 299 remains closed at the base of Buckhorn Summit and west of Trinity Mountain Road. There are mandatory evacuations are in place for the community of French Gulch, residents along SR 299 west of Trinity Mountain Road to the base of Buckhorn Summit and residents along Whiskey Creek Road, including the boat launch/day use area. There are evacuation centers at Shasta High School in Redding and Weaverville Elementary School in Weaverville.

Smoke is beginning to fill the airways in communities nearby, and officials are warning against outdoor activities for people in Shasta County. The Air Quality Index on Wednesday was 98, just two points shy of “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”

There are currently 1,344 fire personnel working on the scene. Officials have claimed that a “mechanical failure” on a trailer is the cause of the fire.

Photos and videos of the massive flames in beloved Whiskeytown are circulating through social media, as the burning higher elevated hills can be seen in clear sight from Redding. Here are some of the stunning posts:

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