Yosemite Closes Campgrounds Amid Covid-19 Spike

Yosemite National Park has only been open for two weeks following a three-month Covid-19 closure, and now officials are once again closing part of the park as California sees an uptick in Coronavirus cases.

Park officials decided to use extreme caution this week when they announced campgrounds in the park would once again close. They announced that all reservations for the following campsites would be cancelled until July 31:

  • Bridalveil Horse Camp
  • Crane Flat
  • Hodgdon Meadow
  • Lower Pines
  • North Pines
  • Tuolumne Meadows
  • Half of Upper Pines
Photo: Photo by Julia Solovey

The national Park will also keep a limit on visitors entering the park on a daily basis, with anyone hoping to visit this summer having to go through their online lottery system. The closures and lack of entrance fees have forced the park to make staffing and budget cuts, which has limited the services in the area.

When the online lottery website opened on June 9, outdoor enthusiasts flocked to get their chance to receive a day pass, one that you can get at Recreation.gov for just $2 each. The reviews for the lottery system were mixed, with many taking to social media groups to ask questions and, of course, complain. It’s unknown how many people applied the two days before the park’s reopening, and how many have been denied. But considering the online chatter and typical visitation numbers at Yosemite, it’s safe to assume it’s a lot.

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