You Can Help Name Redding’s Three New Eaglets

It was exciting news when the eagle cam on the Sacramento River in Redding recorded the hatching of three new eaglets to the nest of Liberty and Guardian. Now, you can help name the three eaglets.

Liberty and Guardian have been well-known residents of Redding, as they together enjoy a nest along the Sacramento River. Now, they have welcomed three new members of the family as local eagle enthusiasts, who share the activities of the eagles on the Friends of Redding Eagles Facebook page, watched the hatch on a live stream. Watch the current live stream below:

The Friends of Redding Eagles are holding a contest to name the three eaglets. You can submit your name ideas here. The contest will end at 9 pm on Wednesday, April 14.

The past hatches in Redding’s famed eagles nest has had some fun names. Here’s a list of the hatches since 2007:

  • 2007- 1 Eaglet (not named)
  • 2008- 2 Eaglets “Conehead” & “Freedom”
  • 2009- 3 Eaglets “Spirit” “Hope” & “Freedom”
  • 2010- 3 Eaglets “Peace” “Shasta” & “Justice”
  • 2011- 2 Eaglets “Stormy” & “Windy”
  • 2012- 2 Eaglets “Shasta” & “Lassen”
  • 2013- 0 Eaglets(2 hatchlings were predated upon by intruder eagle)
  • 2014- 0 Eaglets(All 3 eggs failed, 2nd mate Spirit’s 1st year with Lib)
  • 2015- 3 Eaglets “Pi” “Paddy” & “Poppy”
  • 2016- 2 Eaglets “Birdie” & “Bogey” (1st year at alternate Nest Site on Riverview Golf & Country Club).
  • 2017- 1 Eaglet “Solo” deceased at 9 weeks (Liberty laid a 2nd clutch one month after losing her 1st clutch at RV Golf Course Nest & only one egg hatched.)
  • 2018- 2 Eaglets “River” & “Sky” at Riverview Golf Course Nest
  • 2019- 0 Eaglets (Liberty’s Nest & eggs fell in Snowstorm at RV Nest & 2nd mate Spirit disappeared & Liberty paired up with Guardian.)
  • 2020- 1 Eaglet “Hope” back at Turtle Bay Nest (a 2nd eaglet was spotted once from the ground but perished due to unknown cause, no Eaglecam in 2019-2020 Season.)

Check back for updates on the eaglet naming contest.

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