126 Lightning Strikes Have Hit the Shasta-Trinity National Forest Over the Past 24 Hours

Thunderstorms have been prevalent throughout Northern California this week, and no area has seen more threatening weather activity than the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Over the past 24 hours, 126 lightning strikes have occurred within the national forest, a statistic that could be scary for any outdoor adventurer and fire crew alike. Luckily, only one small fire was ignited from the strikes, just northwest of Trinity Lake, and firefighters quickly located and isolated it.

While PG&E is taking extreme caution to shut off power in the event of high fire risk, this week has been a reminder that Mother Nature is more than capable of starting devastating fires.

More thunderstorms are predicted to last through Sunday. The National Weather Service is urging people to take shelter if threatening weather is on the horizon:

Stay safe out there!

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