400-Mile Kayak Journey w/Sac Source to Sea. Plus: Bob’s NorCal Rain Dance Songs | Talking NorCal

On this episode of the Talking NorCal podcast, Zach talks about his trip north where he hiked up Castle Crags, biked the Lake Siskiyou Loop, golfed at the Mt. Shasta Resort and caught rainbow trout in Clear Creek (2:34). Then, Bob surprises Zach with a few songs meant to inspire rain in Northern California (16:00). Then they break down the news of the week, including the controversial plan to drop poison on the Farallon Islands, another death at the Lodi Skydiving Center, more dead whales washing ashore near the San Francisco Bay and a Sacramento trail being named one of the top in America (22:36). Finally, they sit down with Alyssa Winkelman and Ari Kosel to discuss their incredible journey kayaking from Mt. Shasta to the San Francisco Bay on the Sacramento River (37:55).

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