578 Lightning Strikes Have Ignited 7 Fires in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in the Past 24 Hours

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Dangerous lightning strikes have been prominent throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon over the past 24 hours and the Shasta-Trinity National Forest provided numbers to show just how frequent they’ve been:

With these lightning strikes hitting the forest, firefighters have responded to seven different fires in the national forest.

“Lightning storms moving through the area have ignited several small fires,” Forest Service officials wrote on their inciweb page. “Forest officials and firefighters closely monitor these storms and use a combination of aerial reconnaissance flights, fire engines patrols, and reports of fire activity from the public in order to respond quickly and determine potential growth activity of the fires and develop appropriate response activity. Reconnaissance flights are part of our normal operating plan after lightning storms.”

Although there are a lot of fires, they are mostly small and being handled by firefighters from growing. Here is a list of each fire by the time the fire was reported, the name given to the fire, the approximate location and estimated fire size (if known) and current status:

08/09/2019 19:56 PINE Lat,Lon – 40 18.822, -123 5.136 West of Brushy Mountain .25 acre, Staffed with line around it. 

08/10/2019 07:14 BRUSHY Lat,Lon – 40.45.378, -122.22.898 Near Brushy Canyon 0.25 acre ,Staffed with Jumpers 

08/10/2019 07:21 TANGLE Lat,Lon – 41.13.980, -122.28.706 Tangle Blue Creek and Hwy 3 0.1 acre, Contained and Controlled 

08/10/2019 09:15 DONEY Lat,Lon – 40.54.372, 122.24.090 Northwest of Lakehead Single tree, Staffed 

08/10/2019 09:57 PROSPECT Lat,Lon – 41.3.114, 122.3.606 West of Shoeinhorse Mtn Single tree, Jumpers on scene 

08/10/2019 09:57 HAPPY Lat,Lon – 41.2.778, 122.4.776 Happy Hunting Grounds Single Tree, Staffed 

08/10/2019 10:41 SPRING Lat,Lon – 41.2.364, -122 1.602 Across canyon from Prospect Creek 0.1 acre, Jumpers on scene

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