6 Northern California Ski Resorts Close Amidst Coronavirus Fears

Even with heavy new snow falling from the sky, many of the ski resorts throughout the Northern California mountains announced closures today with fears of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevalent.

Vail Resorts and Alterra Mountain Company announced closures at all of their North American ski resorts. Vail has closed operations until March 22, pending further developments, and Alterra has suspended operations indefintely.

Here is a full list of closures in NorCal:

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows (closed indefinitely)

Northstar Mountain Resort (closed until March 22)

Heavenly Mountain Resort (closed until March 22)

Kirkwood Mountain (closed until March 22)

Mammoth Mountain (closed indefinitely)

June Mountain(closed indefinitely)

Each resort will work directly with guests in canceling their visit and will provide refunds to those who have hotel and other bookings during this closure period.

Even with concerns and closure considerations, other ski resorts remain open during the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States. NorCal ski resorts that are currently planning to stay open are Sierra-at-Tahoe, Homewood Mountain, Sugar Bowl, Diamond Peak and Mt. Shasta Ski Park (with limited hours).

With poor snowfall numbers and the Coronavirus outbreak, have we seen the end of the ski season in NorCal?

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  1. Please practice responsible news reporting and not use the word “fear”. We should be doing our parts to stop the spread of the virus out of social responsibility, not fear. Please do not fuel the fire with the words you use. I am disappointed with your reporting. This comment does not need to be published, it is meant for your improvement.

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