I-80 Closed for 50 Miles Near Tahoe with 3 Feet of New Snow Overnight

Interstate 80 at Soda Springs

The biggest storm of the season delivered on Saturday with multiple feet of snow falling over the Sierra Nevada. And if you choose to travel in the middle of the storm with most of the ski resorts closed and the growing scare of the Coronavirus, you’ll have difficulty getting over Donner Summit.

With whiteout conditions, Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol have closed Interstate 80 from Alta to the Nevada State Line with no timetable for reopening:

The reporting of snowfall is expected to be slow due to Coronavirus closures, they are currently estimating up to 3 feet fell overnight:

While the news illustrates the massive snowfall currently taking place over the Sierra, it’s improbable that many people are on the roads today. Most Tahoe ski resorts have closed as fears of the Coronavirus have swept through NorCal.

While the roads may be light of traffic, it’s a good idea to avoid mountain travel for the next couple of days.

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