The Redwood Route Rail Bikes Might be the Most Unique Adventure in Northern California

Photo by Benjamin Bateman

There’s no place on the planet like the giant redwoods of Northern California. Towering high above the ground, these ancient trees are a testament to the power of nature and provide onlookers views of the largest trees on the planet. And there’s a way to enjoy these redwoods up-close-and-personal with the most unique adventure in Northern California.

The Skunk Train started out as a crucial operation of the Union Lumber Company in Fort Bragg, California in the 1800’s to transport families and workers of the lumber company. Today, the train operates as a historic and scenic experience in Mendocino County, and if you want to enjoy the fresh air of the famous train line, the Skunk Train offers Rail Bike tours along its Redwood Route.

The Rail Bikes are a two-person operated mini-railroad bike that will push you along the beautiful train line manually using pedals. Departing from Fort Bragg, a guide will lead you and your small group on your pedal-powered vehicles on a roughly one-and-a-half hour trip, with a 30 minute stopover at Glen Blair Junction, where you can relax or hike the trail into the redwoods.

You’ll travel along the Pudding Creek Estuary, where you may see osprey, blue herons, and other wildlife. The journey takes you into majestic redwood groves and to a turnaround at the historic Glen.

The tour costs $250 per bike, which carries two people (same price for one person). You must be six years old to ride, but the adventure is for all skill levels and motorized bikes are available people upon request. For more information on the Skunk Train’s Redwood Route Rail Bikes, go here.

See what you can experience on this unique adventure through the Northern California redwoods:

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I bookmarked your article and planned to take a trip, but they’ve increased the prices. Now, it’s $195 per bike for an 8:30 am trip, and $250 per bike for later departures. I won’t be able to enjoy this activity at those prices.

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