A Wildflower Super Bloom Has Taken Over at the Dreadfully Low Folsom Lake

If there’s one place you can point to as current evidence of California’s impending drought, it’s Folsom Lake. Currently sitting at 36 percent total capacity (50 percent of historical average), the lake sits around 2/3 empty. That hasn’t stopped people from visiting the lake, who are finding a rare and beautiful scene on its shore.

Where water typically sits on Folsom Lake has replaced with a super bloom of wildflowers, becoming an odd outdoor destination for Northern California residents. The dominant flower lighting up the shoreline is the bright and beautiful lupine. It’s quite a sight for sore eyes.

Call it a silver lining for what could turn out to be a devastating drought year, the lupine have blanketed the areas surrounding the lake, specifically on the paths at Beeks Bight along the lake in Granite Bay. The bloom is only expected to last a few weeks, so visit now if you’re looking for a rare scene in NorCal. But please be careful not trample any of the flowers. Let everyone enjoy them!

Here are some of the best photos of the rare super bloom:

Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California

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