Viral Video Claims Dog Died Due to Algal Bloom in Lake Tahoe

Government officials are currently investigating potential toxic algae blooms at Lake Tahoe beaches. Warning signs were posted on Monday at El Dorado Beach in South Lake Tahoe after a viral video showed a woman claiming her dog died from suspected blue-green algae poisoning.

Blue-green algae blooms have become a recurring seasonal issue at Lake Tahoe, often producing toxic bacteria in the water. The algae thrive due to warmer temperatures and the presence of invasive species like weeds, clams, and snails, which contribute additional nutrients to Tahoe’s famously clear water.

“Blue-green algae is a natural part of Lake Tahoe’s ecosystem,” said Tahoe Regional Planning Agency spokesman Jeff Cowen. “When it blooms in a high enough concentration, cyanobacteria form, but that bacteria doesn’t always reach toxicity levels that are harmful. Everyone needs to be careful and follow public health advisories, but Lake Tahoe is generally a safe and healthy place to recreate.”

The woman in the viral video reported that her dog, Cora, also swam at Nevada Beach. Consequently, Nevada state officials are also testing the water there.

@anaisfelt Rest in peace Cora – you were the heart and soul of our family, we miss you so mucj. I hope you are able to save many lives ?? #bluegreenalgae #laketahoecalifornia #laketahoe #nuerotoxins ? original sound – Anaïs

State water officials tested multiple locations before the Fourth of July and found no visible signs of a new algae bloom. However, the results of new water sample tests are still pending, so the cautionary signs will remain up until further notice, according to the city.

As the investigation continues, visitors to Lake Tahoe are advised to stay informed about water safety and follow any posted advisories to ensure a safe recreational experience.

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