Redding Smashes All-Time Heat Record with Scorching Temperatures

Redding experienced its hottest day ever recorded on July 6, reaching a scorching 119 degrees. This set a new record for the hottest day not only this year but in the history of the National Weather Service’s records for the city.

The Redding airport gauge registered 119 degrees just before 5 p.m., maintaining that temperature until just before 6 p.m. This surpassed the previous all-time record of 118 degrees, which had been hit four times before, in August of 1971, 1981, and 1988, and again on July 5 this year.

The heatwave also shattered the July 6th record for Redding. The previous high for this date was 111 degrees in 2007, surpassed by 8 degrees this year.

The extreme heat prompted an excessive heat warning for valley areas, effective until Wednesday, July 10, at 8:00 p.m.

Other nearby cities also experienced record-breaking temperatures. Red Bluff reached 118 degrees on July 6, breaking its previous record of 111 degrees for the date. Red Bluff’s all-time high remains 121 degrees, recorded in August 1981. Oroville saw temperatures climb to 113 degrees, breaking its old July 6 record of 110 degrees by three degrees.

Another record was broken down south in Death Valley where they recorded 128 degrees on July 6. One confirmed fatality occurred from that heat.

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