Watch: Man Spots Rattlesnake Swimming Across the American River

It’s summertime in NorCal, which means when we’re out in the wild, it’s important to pay close attention to the areas we walk near in order to avoid rattlesnakes. Now, we have to watch where we’re swimming too…

We once showed you a video of a rattlesnake trying to slither aboard a boat on Folsom Lake, and now we have proof that they like to swim in the American River too. The below video was posted to social media by Johnathan Carabba, showing his encounter with the swimming snake:

Here is what Johnathan had to say about the encounter:

Spotted a rattlesnake crossing the American River today between Howe and Watt!! We’ve been paddling this stretch for years and have seen a ton of wildlife, but never this ± We even had to warn a few guys who were fishing on the shore before the snake landed only a few feet away from them!!

Noooooo! We just can’t hide from these guys! Remember to be safe in the areas snakes like to go. Never approach a rattlesnake. Give them room. They aren’t aggressive if you avoid their territory. It’s also a good idea to have any dogs on a leash so they avoid a run-in with snakes.


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