13 Missing Young Hikers Found Near Wildfire in the Tahoe National Forest

A group of young hikers who went missing in the area affected by the Placer County wildfire has been found, officials confirmed on Monday.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office reported that all 13 hikers, aged between 16 and 20, were spotted by a helicopter. It remains unclear if any of them are injured. A search and rescue crew will drop in and accompany the hikers to the end of a trail at Cascade Lakes, ensuring their safe exit from the forest.

The search began when deputies discovered four vehicles belonging to the hikers within the Royal Fire zone on Sunday. Ty Conners from the sheriff’s office stated that they reached out to the vehicle owners to ascertain the number of hikers. When the group could not be contacted, officials deployed aircraft equipped with night and heat vision for the search.

The hikers’ vehicles were located at the Palisades Creek trailhead, situated at the southern edge of the burn area. The hikers had planned to camp on the opposite side of the burn area, but their trailhead became engulfed in flames. The northbound trail ends at Cascade Lakes, where deputies aimed to intercept the group heading south.

The Royal Fire began on Sunday in the Tahoe National Forest, west of Soda Springs near Soda Springs Road. Currently, five homes are under evacuation warnings, advising residents to leave if conditions worsen.

Initially, smoke from the fire was visible from Interstate 80, but by Monday, only haze remained. The fire has burned 169 acres and remains uncontained, with efforts focused on establishing a perimeter to prevent further spread. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Tahoe National Forest.

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