Aaron Rodgers Shows Support for Camp Fire Victims

Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback, is the poster-boy for Butte County. Growing up in Chico, playing football for Pleasant Valley High School and Butte Community College, Rodgers is heavily connected to the area affected by the devastating Camp Fire. And now he’s using his national stage to show support for the victims.

Ahead of his Thursday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Rodgers was seen entering the arena in a Butte Strong sweatshirt, a nod at the fire victims:


This show of solidarity comes after he made statements on Sunday about the California wildfires during a post-game press conference:

“Obviously my heart goes out to the great people of Paradise, California. Growing up in Chico and spending a great deal of time up there, I played a lot of football and basketball and sports up in Paradise. Basically lived in Magalia at one point, which is kind of an even tinier town off of Paradise and the devastation there is tough. Hearing the stories of people running down the highways to avoid the fire. Knowing that people burned alive in their cars, it’s heartbreaking for sure.”

Watch the video of the statement:

Rodgers early amateur career was entirely in Northern California. After playing for PV High School and Butte College, he spent two years at the University of California, Berkeley and was drafted 30th overall in the NFL draft. But, even as an NFL superstar, he still represents his Butte County roots when the world is watching:

Thanks for the support, Aaron!

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